How to create a base

Once you hae an executable named unid-adm, launch a command line as:

? unid-adm db.unid admin

where “db.unid” can be any name for the new db, and “user” has to be ‘admin’ for a base creation. It can later be set to any user name. This is the only way to create an Unidatab base at present. The default password is always set to ‘adminp’ and it’s possible to update it later too. One should then proceed to the main test suite by typing at unid-adm command line:

? unidtest

Then a first useful set of records will be created by :

? unidset

This record can then be viewed by typing:

? select send_record('unid_home',1)

To view recursive content:

? select send_full_record('unid_home',1)

Finally, the call:

? help

will display the various commands specific to unid-adm and administration tasks like adding new users or setting user levels (read, read-write, or admin).

[2018 edit]


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