Structure of the node table 1: records

A careful analysis of the following table – which constitute one Unidatab record – will make clear how the software procedes:

? select show_record('unid_home')
i      a    d     n     t          u 
-195    59  -195  -196  1355779205 admin 
-196  -170  -195  -198  1355779205 admin 
-198  -197  -196  -200  1362506937 admin 
-200  -199  -198  -0    1365953523 admin 

These numbers have to be seen as tokens that point to some table rows . Negative numbers in magenta are row ids i.e. identification numbers for entries in the node_table. Negative red numbers are entries in the symbol_table that in their turn refer to positive numbers marking entries in the data table. The positive red number near the start is the record’s title. In Unidatab, only positive identification numbers refer to raw data:

? select * from unid_data where i = 59
a         i  t          u 
Unid home 67 1473431782 admin

? select * from unid_symbols where i = -170
      typ                  a    pro    n       t             u :
-170    #Unid default set    53          0       1473431569    admin    

The previous symbol does not have any property set, but only a type.

[2018 edit]


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