Version 1 released

Following problems in building ComPP under Glibc-2.25 this library isn’t used anymore by Unidatab. In consequence, the development of unid-gui and Unidatab.cgi is at least temporarily discontinued. Interested users can always gather old files from Github and adapt the code.

[WARNING:] As ComPP allowed me to encrypt the whole communication, I didn’t care about obvious clumsiness like hashing a permanent salt (not recommended by security specialists). Now that this is corrected, databases created under the old version of Unidatab won’t be accessible anymore, but there’s an easy way to repare them: create them again with version 1, same user and same password but empty. Then copy the new hash field in table admin (using sqlite3 for instance) to paste this content into your old database. For the hashing was done with the user id as salt in the old version and now it’s done with the password provided at creation and TCP hashes a second time with a temporary salt at connection time (as told by security experts). However, the rest of transmission isn’t encrypted anymore: beware of the man in the middle!

The result of all this is a cleaner, less spaghettistic code, more than sufficient to express the idea of Unidatab.

Many thanks kashimAstro for his network example.

[2018 edit]



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