Unidatab is writen in C++ and published under the Gnu Public License.
It is mostly an SQLite database command-line application (like sqlite3)
with local and remote client and server. Unidatab builds its own tables,
possibly next to an existing db, and then manages XML-like data trees
in this SQL context. It can be used to schematize graphically the
relations between structures, symbols and data in an information system.

More technical explanations and original concept here.

The documentation is available through the sql_help() function .

? select sql_help(''); -- a list of topics
? select sql_help('adm-help'); -- help on mentionned topic

Note: the ‘help’ command in unid-adm is a shortcut to sql_help() but provides only local help files even in case of remote connection.


unid.ini : unid-serv configuration file