How to print a record

Records - that are sets of symbols - can be read by alias or id (this is often the case in unidSql functions) : ? select send_record('unid_home',1) ? select send_record(-195,1) Of course the record id is local and specific to the open db. Example output: ?  select send_record('unid_home',0) Type    Property    objid    typid    propid    unicity    nodeid   … Continue reading How to print a record


How to create a base

Once you hae an executable named unid-adm, launch a command line as: ? unid-adm db.unid admin where “db.unid” can be any name for the new db, and “user” has to be 'admin' for a base creation. It can later be set to any user name. This is the only way to create an Unidatab base … Continue reading How to create a base