How to modify information

No surprise that with various recording levels, Unidatab provides also various means of modifying information.  Let' start by looking at how we can change some input data and we'll admit that we should better act on properties and types. Changing data Since pure data is only entered once and not duplicated, we understand that changing … Continue reading How to modify information


Structure of the node table 2: symbols

From the previous example we can extract ids that bear the function show_symbol. ? select show_record('unid_home') show_record('unid_home')        : i a d n t u -195 59 -195 -196 1355779205 admin -196 -170 -195 -198 1355779205 admin -198 -197 -196 -200 1362506937 admin -200 -199 -198 0 1365953523 admin Within records, the column named a … Continue reading Structure of the node table 2: symbols